a Unique Irish Pub, Restaurant & Celtic Gift Shop. Also on premise is a Fine Cigar & Wine Shop.

Galway Bay features a fully stocked bar, a family dining area, a comfortable tasting room, a banquet hall, a game and sports room plus an outdoor covered garden area! As well as Gift, Wine & Cigar Shop.

Galway Bay Irish Pub

We strive to be one of Ocean Shores’ finest dining experiences, with a wonderful staff, friendly servers, top notch chefs and well experienced mixologists, you will be sure to receive a premier dining experience.

We have a well stocked game room with a pool table, darts, a shuffleboard,  and televisions and seating for all your sports and entertainment needs!

Out back we have a beautiful covered outdoor garden area for a more intimate setting, complete with heat lanterns, televisions and a stage.

Our gift shop has a huge collection of unique imported Irish and Celtic items for purchase.

We have a large banquet room available for reservation for events & private parties.

Check out our tasting room for relaxing with friends in a more home-like setting.


Appetizers and small plates


Cheese Course
Cheese Course
Blue cheese, Dubliner White Cheddar from Co. Tipperary and Wensleydale from North Yorkshire, England paired with candied walnuts, fresh grapes and soda bread. A Perfect Beginning.
Steamed Clams
Steamed Clams
1lb. of clams, steamed in a white wine with fresh tomatoes, onion and garlic, served with drawn butter.
Plain, Dry Rub or BBQ Chicken...our Belfast Flappers are tasty & worth every bite!


All of our steaks are seasoned and charbroiled to your temperature. Served with colcannon, soup or salad, and soda bread. Chef Alex suggests a full bodied red wine with all steaks.

Gaelic Steak
Gaelic Steak
Minced garlic and flamed irish whiskey add a grand flavor to our 10oz Certified Angus Beef flat iron steak. Served with seasoned vegetables. If it doesn't look good to us, you'll never catch a glimpse of it!
Grilled Salmon
Grilled Salmon
Lightly seasoned, and char broiled until delicious. Finished with herbed butter and served with seasoned vegetables.
Liam’s Rack Of Lamb
Liam's Rack Of Lamb
A 14oz. rack marinated for 24 hours in our special seasoning blend, served over a rich red wine demi-glace. This is so-o-o good that Liam put his own name on it. If you're not as hungry, try our 7oz. Half Rack of Lamb.


Served with colcannon, soup or salad, and soda bread.


Shephard’s Pie
Shephard's Pie
Chopped steak and lamb with sauteed carrots, green peas, onions, potatoes, garlic and herbs topped with Guinness gravy, and a savory layer of colcannon and pastry, then baked in the oven until piping hot.
Limerick Sausage Roll
Pork sausage baked in a puff pastry and then covered with our tasty Guinness gravy.
Forfar BridieForfar Bridie
Forfar Bridie
A Scottish dish invented by a Forfar baker in the 1850's. Beef and lamb slowly braised in white wine, flavored just right with sautéed onions, carrots, potatoes, garlic and herbs, then baked in a puff pastry and covered with our famous whiskey cream sauce.

Check out our Outdoor Covered Garden Area

Get a Cigar for enjoying at the Smoking Paddy O’!


Served with colcannon (except the Seafood Fettuccine), soup or salad, and soda bread. Chef Alex recommends a semi-dry white wine with all seafood selections such as a Chardonnay or Pinot Gris.

Kinsale Seafood Fettuccine
Kinsale Seafood Penne
Steamer clams and black tiger prawns sautéed in white wine, then blended in a creamy garlic parmesan sauce. Served over fettuccine, with garlic bread on the side.
Seafood PastySeafood Pasty
Seafood Pasty
Tender chunks of shrimp and seasonal fish, baked in a puff pastry shell with fresh sautéed mushrooms, onions, carrots, bell peppers, asparagus, garlic, and herbs. Served over our famous whiskey cream sauce.
Galway Bay Oyster Dimer
Galway Bay Oyster Dimer
Oysters have been harvested for consumption by generations of Irish. The oysters from Galway Bay have long had a reputation for excellence. Our locally sourced oysters are lightly breaded and seasoned, pan fried and served with a house made cocktail sauce.


Sandwiches served with our pub crisps, lettuce, tomato, Pickle and onion on the side (unless noted). Substitute Irish Fries, Our “House Recipe” • Coleslaw or Beans – I • Salad -2 • Add to any Sandwich: DublinerVVhite Cheddar – l • Blue Cheese -3 • Bacon -2 • Rashers -2

Blarney Burger
Blarney Burger 1/4 Pounder
Certified Angus Beef@ A juicy. 4 oz. hand-formed seasoned patty charbroiled placed on a warm bun. Just like the Irish do. Add Swiss Cheese for an extra charge
Corned Beef Sandwich
Corned Beef Sandwich
Our own 5 oz. tender lean brisket sliced thin, piled high, topped with Swiss cheese and put on a freshly baked soda bread with a pickle spear and a side of ground horseradish!
Fish N’ Chips
Fish N' Chips
Two pieces of Alaskan Cod, cooked to perfection in our own Galway Bay Irish Ale beer batter, served with housemade tartar sauce and fries.


Served with fresh baked soda bread slices & butter.


Michael Collins Clam Chowder
Michael Collins Clam Chowder
Thick, steamy and fresh. Made daily in our kitchen. Yes, this is the chowder you've heard so much about. Argued to be the best in the Pacific Northwest and proven to be the best on the North Beach!
Beef In Guinness
Beef In Guinness
For the lover of Guinness stout! Tender chunks of beef are joined with carrots, potatoes, onions and mushrooms and slow cooked for hours in Guinness stout.
Dublin Coddle
Dublin Coddle
A hearty Irish stew of sausage, bacon, potato, onion and carrots.

We have an intimate tasting room for your enjoyment.


Our Pizzas are served on a 12″ square flatbread crust and cut into 8 pieces.

St. Patrick
St. Patrick
Okay we had to name something after him! This one has the works: Pepperoni, Sausage, Canadian Bacon, Green Peppers, Tomatoes, Black Olives, Onions, Mushrooms, and Mined Garlic.
Create Your Own Pizza
Create Your Own Pizza
Start with a cheese pizza: Choose your sauce: marinara | alfredo | olive oil | pesto. Now add Meats for $3: Sausage, Pepperoni, Canadian Bacon, Chicken, or bacon. Veggies & Cheeses for $2: Green Peppers | Tomatoes | Black Olives | Onions | Mushrooms | Minced Garlic | Blue Cheese | Fresh Basil
The Galway
The Galway
Alfredo sauce, mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, chicken finished with scallions.

Our Game Room is Complete with Shuffle Board, a Pool Table, Darts, Televisions & More!


(Daily from 11am to 1pm) 

Served with toasted soda bread and fresh fruit.

Corned Beef Hash
Corned Beef Hash
Our own handmade hash comes with two eggs any style.
Galway Egg Sandwich
Galway Egg Sandwich
Two fried eggs over hard, topped with rashers and swiss and placed atop a fresh baked bun. Served with baby red potatoes, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle on the side.
Steak and Eggs
Eggs & Sausage Roll
Eggs & Sausage Roll
Traditional Irish Breakfast
Traditional Irish Breakfast
This is exactly how you would get it in Ireland. Two eggs any style, two rashers, one banger, one black pudding, one white pudding, baked beans, and fried tomatoes.

Galway Bay Irish Pub offers the largest selection of Scotches and whiskies in the area!

Ask about our collection of spirits, wines and beers!

One of our expert mixologists will create you a unique cocktail concoction that will delight your senses!

Signature Cocktails

(House Infused)

Infused ‘Irish’ Latte
Infused 'Irish' Latte
Bushmills Irish Whiskey infused with espresso beans. Mixed and served over ice with simple syrup and half and half topped with house made whipped cream to garnish.
Infused ‘Irish” Maitai
Infused 'Irish' Maitai
Silver rum infused with mangos, papayas, kiwis, pineapples and cherries. Mixed with pineapple juice, orange juice, a few splashes of soda water and a drizzle of grenadine. Served over ice in a pint glass with a slice of lemon, lime, blood orange and topped with cherries.
Infused ‘Irish’ Lemon Drop
Infused 'Irish' Lemon Drop
Boru Irish Vodka infused with lemons, limes, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Mixed with muddled lemons, simple syrup, and a splash of soda water. Served in a sugar rimmed martini glass with a fresh slice of lemon.

Galway Bay Irish Pub offers a Family Friendly Dining Area!

Hours of Operation:


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